Welcome to the website

After writing books (and other things) for more than half a century, I have now clocked up about thirty, which is not so much a boast as an admission. Quantity proves nothing, except maybe obsession. I’ve also written for newspapers and magazines. I was the Observer’s radio critic for thirty-five years, and did long feature articles for them (‘Sexual Morality Today’ and ‘The Psychology of Murder’ type of stuff).

I’ve always been a freelance except for a couple of years on Swansea’s evening newspaper in the early 1950s, twenty years after Dylan Thomas was there. In 1953 I went to London and stayed, writing books and articles, as well as plays and documentaries for BBC radio and later tv. Most of the books are novels and biographies, among them Lives of Freud, Dylan Thomas and his wayward wife Caitlin.

The site has two areas, one for Gower in History, the other for Dylan and Caitlin Thomas. My blog is in ‘work’.